Can We Eat Kiwi Peel In Summer

Can We Eat Kiwi Peel In Summer?

Summer screams for refreshing, juicy fruits, and kiwis are a top contender with their vibrant green flesh and sweet-tart punch. But what about that fuzzy brown skin? Can we eat kiwi peel in summer, or should it be banished to the compost bin?

The answer, surprisingly, is: Yes, you can eat kiwi peel! It’s not just technically edible, but it also packs a surprising nutritional punch. Here’s why you might consider giving it a try this summer:

A Boost of Nutrients:

  • Fiber Fiesta: Kiwi skin boasts a whopping 50% more fiber than the flesh alone. Fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer and aids digestion, making it a summer friend you want on your side.
  • Vitamin E Extravaganza: This skin also hides a treasure trove of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage and keeps your skin glowing – perfect for summer sun protection!
  • Folate Frenzy: Pregnant or planning? The folate in kiwi skin is essential for healthy fetal development, making it a valuable summer snack for expecting moms.

Texture Talk:

Of course, the fuzzy texture of kiwi skin might raise eyebrows. But here are some tips for making it more palatable:

  • Go Gold: Opt for smooth-skinned gold kiwis instead of the traditional fuzzy ones. Their skin is thinner and less noticeable, making them a gateway drug to the peel-eating world.
  • Wash and Scrub: Give your kiwi a good scrub with a veggie brush to remove any dirt, fuzz, or pesticides.
  • Blend It In: Toss the whole kiwi, skin and all, into smoothies or juices. You won’t even notice the texture, but you’ll get all the benefits.

A Word of Caution:

While generally safe, kiwi skin can be a bit irritating for some people due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals. If you experience tingling or itching after trying it, stick to peeled kiwis.


Eating kiwi peel in summer is a personal choice. It’s perfectly safe and offers a surprising nutritional boost, but the texture might not be for everyone. So, give it a try with an open mind, and who knows, you might discover a delicious new way to enjoy this summery fruit!

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