Can We Eat Papaya At Night?

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Can We Eat Papaya At Night? Yes, you can eat papaya at night or anytime. Consuming Papaya at night, helps to avoid constipation as there are some laxatives present in it. However, fruits in general should be avoided at least 4-5 hours after meals. Thus you should try and eat papaya 4 -5 hours after … Read more

Can We Eat Chicken During Fever?

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Can we eat chicken during fever? Yes, we can eat chicken during fever. You get many benefits from eating chicken. Many vitamins and minerals are found inside chicken, which are very helpful in fever. There is no harm in eating chicken in fever. Eating chicken increases the amount of fat in our body. If you … Read more

Can we eat vegetables without cooking?

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Yes, we can eat vegetables without cooking. There are many such vegetables that we can eat without cooking. We get a lot of vitamins and minerals by eating raw vegetables. It will keep your body healthy. Cooking of vegetables reduces some of the vitamins and minerals inside them. But taste is also very important for … Read more