Can We Eat Spicy Foods During Pregnancy?

Can we eat spicy foods during pregnancy

Can we eat spicy foods during pregnancy? Spicy food is a popular cuisine enjoyed by many people worldwide, but for pregnant women, it can be a concern. Generally, eating spicy food during pregnancy is considered safe, and some spices like ginger, cumin, and turmeric are believed to have health benefits. However, it’s important to be […]

Can We Eat Chicken During Fever?

can we eat chicken

Can we eat chicken during fever? Yes, we can eat chicken during fever. You get many benefits from eating chicken. Many vitamins and minerals are found inside chicken, which are very helpful in fever. There is no harm in eating chicken in fever. Eating chicken increases the amount of fat in our body. If you […]

Can we eat non-veg food ?

can we eat

Yes, Of course we can eat non-veg food on Sunday. Sunday is a day on which most of the people have a holiday and we all want to enjoy this day. Sunday is considered a day of relaxation in India, we remove the fatigue of the whole week. That’s why we can eat non-veg on […]