Can We Eat Kiwi Peel During Pregnancy?

Can We Eat Kiwi Peel During Pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Navigating the world of food during this time can feel like walking a tightrope – a delicious buffet balanced precariously between what’s nourishing and what might be off-limits. One question that might pop up: can you eat kiwi peel during pregnancy? The good news is: yes, you absolutely can! In fact, eating … Read more

Can we eat cherry pits?

Can we eat cherry pits

Can we eat cherry pits? Cherries, with their vibrant colors and sweet flavors, are a beloved fruit enjoyed in various culinary creations. However, as you savor the delicious flesh of cherries, you might wonder about their pits – those hard, inner seeds that are an inherent part of the fruit. Can you eat cherry pits, … Read more

Can We Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Can We Eat Watermelon Seeds

Yes, you can eat watermelon seeds! While most people spit them out, watermelon seeds are safe and even have several health benefits. Benefits of Watermelon seeds: They’re a good source of: 💡Reasons why you might want to avoid watermelon at night How to eat: Here are some ways to enjoy watermelon seeds: Michael