Can We Eat Raw Cucumber ?

Can we eat

Yes we can eat raw cucumber. Raw cucumber is very good for our health. We get many vitamins by eating raw cucumber. People eat it along with their food. We use Cucumber as a salad. The highest amount of Vitamin K is found in Cucumber. Vitamin K is essential for our body. Vitamin K helps […]

Can We Eat Kiwi Peel?

Can we eat

Yes, we can eat kiwi with peel. Kiwi skin is very good for health. Wash the kiwi skin thoroughly before eating it. We get many vitamins from the skin of kiwi, which keeps our body healthy. By eating kiwi skin, we get vitamin E, vitamin C. It contains hight amount of Fiber also which is […]

Can we eat watermelon in loose motion?

Can we eat

Yes, we can eat watermelon in loose motion. Watermelons contain a lot’s of water and rich in nutrients which help us to control our blood pressure. It also contains high amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Fiber that helps to our body to grow and strong. It is very healthy and valuable fruits. Many […]

Can we eat Orange in summer?

Can we eat orange

Can we eat orange in summer? Yes, we can eat orange in summer or hot days. Orange contains full of Vitamins and Nutrients and lot’s of minerals. Orange have too much quantity of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to enhance our body stamina and keep our body cool. Orange are the best fruit during summer […]

Can we eat Apple at night?

can we eat apple

Yes, we can eat apple before sleeping at night. It is not written anywhere that eating apple in the night causes any harm to our body or we are not able to sleep properly. So we can sleep comfortably at night after eating apple. Many vitamins and minerals are found in apple which keep the […]

Can we eat banana at night?

Can we eat banana

Yes , we can eat banana before sleeping. Eating banana at bedtime helps you to sleep very well. Magnesium, potassium, tryptophan, vitamin B6, carbs, and fiber are all found in bananas. Your digestive system also works fine by eating bananas. We should sleep after eating 1 banana every night. By eating banana our health is […]