Can We Eat While Exercising?

Can we eat while exercising

Can we eat while exercising? Eating while exercising can be beneficial for the body, as it can provide the necessary fuel to sustain energy and optimize performance. However, it’s important to choose the right types of foods and timing to avoid discomfort or decreased performance. Foods that are easily digestible and provide a good balance […]

Can We Eat Fruits After Meal?

Can we eat fruits after meal

Can we eat fruits after meal? Yes, you can eat fruits after a meal. In fact, eating fruits as a dessert after a meal can be a healthy choice. Fruits are a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, which can help you meet your daily nutrient needs and maintain good health. Eating fruits […]

Can We Eat Grapes In Pregnancy?

Can we eat grapes in pregnancy

Can we eat grapes in pregnancy? Grapes are a popular and nutritious fruit that are enjoyed by many people around the world. However, when it comes to eating grapes during pregnancy, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Overall, grapes can be a safe and healthy food choice for pregnant women. Grapes are […]

What is the best diet for a diabetic person

best diet for a diabetic person

What is the best diet for a diabetic person? When you’re living with diabetes, knowing what to eat on a daily basis can seem like a daunting task. But fear not—there are plenty of options available to help you navigate the grocery store and create healthy meals that don’t only taste delicious, but also promote […]

Can we eat pizza during cough?

Can we eat pizza during cough

Can we eat pizza during cough? Yes, you can eat pizza when you have a cough. In fact, many people find that eating pizza can help soothe their throat and ease their coughing. The key is to make sure that the pizza is hot and that you eat it slowly. This will help to reduce […]

Can we eat guava at night?

Can we eat guava at night

Can we eat guava at night? Yes, You can eat guava at night. In fact, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy guava as a late-night snack or as part of your breakfast routine. Guava is a healthy fruit that provides a host of benefits, including fiber, potassium and vitamin C. What Makes Guava a Healthy […]

Can We Eat Junk Food After Surgery?

Can We Eat Junk Food After Surgery

Can we eat junk food after surgery? Yes, You can eat junk food in a limited amount if it has been a long time since your surgery. If you have had surgery recently, then you should avoid all these things. Things you should eat after surgery to help you recover faster. You should avoid junk […]

What to Eat To Lose Weight?

what to eat

What to eat to loose weight? One might have heard of a common phrase, Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper. Before we talk about what to eat to lose weight, we need to understand the importance of food for our body to keep fit and healthy. While we […]

Can We Eat Papaya At Night?

can we eat

Can We Eat Papaya At Night? Yes, you can eat papaya at night or anytime. Consuming Papaya at night, helps to avoid constipation as there are some laxatives present in it. However, fruits in general should be avoided at least 4-5 hours after meals. Thus you should try and eat papaya 4 -5 hours after […]

Can We Eat Vitamin E Capsule?

Can we eat vitamin e capsule

Yes, we can eat Vitamin E capsule But taking too much of it can also cause problems for you. Vitamin E capsules are good for your body but if you are taking vitamin E supplement then it can make you sick. Vitamin E makes our hair grow and stay strong. If we add Vitamin E […]